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Suchs is the Real Nature of Horses

The Most Significant Equine Documentary Ever Filmed

Film Introduction by William Shatner and Dr. Jane Goodall

Robert Vavra William Shatner Jane Goodall
Comments by Robert Vavra Introduction by William Shatner Introduction by Dr. Jane Goodall

Enlightening and Inspiring…… A Virtual Feast For The Eye, Ear, and Mind !

Produced in classic Vavra style, and narrated by Robert Vavra himself, this new film will take you on an unforgettable journey of equine beauty and enlightenment. Known the world-over for his captivating images of the equine form, Robert Vavra catapults to new heights with his latest film release, “Such Is The Real Nature Of Horses”.

Based on his international best selling book “Such is the Real Nature of Horses”, Vavra profoundly establishes the horse as a unique and sensitive creature by revealing behaviors seldom seen and never before filmed. This new ground-breaking film clearly demonstrates the horse to possess a deeper complexity and much wider spectrum of emotions and behaviors than previously observed.

Filled with incredible cinematography by Robert Vavra, along with the primordial sounds of the Camargue marshes, and the wondrous music of Basil Poledouris and Steve Baker, this film will not only inspire, entertain, and educate, but it will forever change the way humans perceive and interact with the most noble and willing of man’s companion creatures; The Magnificent Horse.

Film Previews from "Such Is The Real Nature Of Horses"

"One cannot say they truly understand horses until they have first watched this new film; It is destined to redefine the perception of horses in the minds of the humans who love them".....Charles Chiarello, Equivision

Robert Vavra Play Fighting Stallion Awakening Foal
Opening Scene Play Fighting Stallion Awakening Foal
Petite Accidentally Struck Stallion Dominance Teeth Clapping Breath Testing
Petite Accidentally Struck Stallion Dominance Teeth Clapping Breath Testing

Opening Scene:
The origin of the horse spoken in poetic and romantic fashion by Robert Vavra.

Play Fighting:
Young colts learn how to defend themselves by engaging in harmless mock-fights amongst each other, and also with high-ranking stallions.

Stallion Awakening Foal:
With the herd ready to move on, a high-ranking stallion surprisingly walks over to nudge and awaken a young foal so it will not be left behind.

Petite Accidentally Struck:
While her parents attempted to mate, Petite (their new-born foal) was accidentally struck and submerged into the cold marsh waters. Extremely concerned, her parents immediately stopped to help and lead her to safety.

Stallion Dominance:
As in all societies, the struggle for leadership and dominance is always present.

Teeth Clapping:
Subordinates in the herd use teeth clapping as a way to convey their submission and thereby avoid aggression or attack by a more powerful herd member.

Breath Testing:
Most confrontations usually begin with, and can sometimes be avoided by breath testing. This behavior allows horses to gauge each others level of fear or aggression by the varying smells emitted through the mouth and nostrils.


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